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Cornea Clinic, at Apollo Health City, Hyderabad, India - introduces phakic intraocular lens implantion surgery to correct
refractive error and reduce astigmatism in Keratoconus patients. Both the Verisyse and Starr toric ICL have been
successfully used to improve unaided vision in Keratoconus patients.

Collagen crosslinking is commonly performed first to arrest progression in cases wherein the keratoconus is not stable.

Both Verisyse and Starr ICL
( ) are US FDA approved and have shown good long
term results. Although primarily indicated for patients with refractive errors not amenable to corneal procedures such as
LASIK. Phakic IOL's have been used in keratoconus patients with good results. Patient selection is extremely important, and
hence not everyone with keratoconus will be suitable for this lens implant.

The procedure is painless, takes 10 -15 minutes to perform, and is a day care procedure. Visual improvement is seen right
from the day of surgery.

For more information please email to Dr Rajesh Fogla at or

Read what some of our patients have to say following Toric ICL implantation surgery
hi this is Dr Shivkumar , i had been suffering from keratoconus in both my eyes for
past 7 years. i came to know about Dr.Rajesh Fogla through the website . One day i gave him a call and i elaborated on my condition
and i had poor vision in both my eyes, he spoke to me inspite of his busy schedule .
He asked me to come and meet in person and next day i flew to hyderabad to
consult him. He suggested a phakic IOL (Starr toric ICL) in my left eye and RGP
lens in my right eye. Within 10 days i got operated and was discharged the same
day, now am able to see clearly with my left eye without any aids with 6/9 (20/30)
vision and i have my confidence now. Thank you doctor am always grateful to you
throughout the rest of my life.

Dr Shivkumar can be reached at
Hi, I -  Meena Khushalani was diagnosed with Keratoconus. Doctors said this is a rare disease
and only treatment for this is transplantation and also it was told that I will become almost blind
within 10 – 12 years if eyesight worsens further. For all these 10 -12 years I was wearing semi
soft contact lens. I was always under tension and compromised that I have to prepare for the
worst. Year by year my numbers went on increasing. I almost gave up, but finally during
December 2007, I went for a check up to a doctor in Mumbai. He advised that a new treatment
called C3R and INTACS is available by which keratoconus can be treated.  I visited few
doctors in Mumbai, but got different opinions and I was not in a position to decide. Finally
through internet I came to know about Dr Rajesh Fogla. I forwarded all the reports to the
doctor and sent mails to which he responded. I was very pleased with his advice and finally
came down to Hyderabad on 3rd June 2008. He advised me collagen crosslinking treatment
for my left eye and immediately went for it. Doctor further advised that he may see the
possibility of INTACS. After 3 months I visited the doctor on 8th September 2008, after
thorough examination he advised phakic intraocular lens (toric ICL) implantation would be
suitable for the left eye. I agreed for the treatment and underwent toric ICL implantation on the
16th of September 2008. Now after this treatment all my clouds were cleared. I can see this
beautiful world more clearly. Today I am very happy that simple signboards or writings on the
wall which I could not see or read, today I can see and read at a distance comfortably. For me
the whole world has changed. GOD bless the doctor who made it possible. All my tensions and
agonies have gone. The more I write, it will be very less to describe what I feel. The only thing I
can say – I am very happy today.

Ms Meena can be reached at or
I was worried and upset when I came to know that I had keratoconus and would affect my
software career. I came to know about Dr Rajesh Fogla through the internet and approached
him at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad. That was the beginning of end to all my worries. I
underwent Phakic IOL surgery which is absolutely painless and surgery lasts only for 15
minutes and you can carry out most of your activities on the same day. Now my vision is
greatly improved and corrected. Thanks to Dr Fogla who gave me good vision to kep my
vision of life alive.

Mr Mahendra can be reached at