What are the complications of cataract surgery ?

Usually cataract surgery if very safe and the risk of complications are very rare.
    Serious complications of cataract surgery are:
  • Infection ie Endophthalmitis
  • Bleeding ie Expulsive hemorrhage
  • Swelling & detachment of retina
  • Corneal decompensation
  • Dislocated cataract fragments
    If any of these complications occur, you may be required to undergo another surgical procedure to manage
    the complication.
If you have undergone cataract surgery and experience any of the symptoms, contact  your surgeon

  • Severe eye pain
  • Loss of vision
  • Nause or vomiting
  • Accidental injury to the operated eye
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Dr Fogla has been performing phacoemulsification surgery since 1997, and has performed more than 15,000
phacoemulsification procedures using different phacoemulsification machines such as the Universal II, Alcon Legacy,
Alcon Infinity, Storz protege, Storz millenium, AMO diplomax, AMO Opsys, AMO sovereign and Bausch & Lomb Stellaris.

Unlike routine cataract surgery, Dr Fogla customizes the cataract surgery to meet visual requirements of the patient. Most
patients desire good unaided vision following surgery. Patients are able to read 6/9 - 6/6 (20/30 - 20/20) or better the
following day after surgery. (unless limited by pre existing retinal or optic nerve disease)

The packages for cataract surgery start at 20,000 rupees and go all the way upto 100,000 rupees. The higher end
packages include the aberration free intraocular lenses (such as Technis One or Acrysof IQ), which provide you better
contrast ie better sharpness or quality of vision when compared to standard intraocular lenses. Toric Acrysof IOL allows
correction of pre existing corneal astigmatism, thereby providing better unaided vision postoperatively. Multi-focal IOL
provide good vision both for distance and near, thereby providing freedom from spectacles.Extended vision IOL further
enhance multifocal capabilities.
These premium intraocular lenses are implanted only by an experienced cataract surgeon, for if not placed properly in the
right position, the performance of the lens is affected.
Pre-existing astigmatism needs to  be corrected for good unaided vision. Dr Fogla specializes in astigmatic keratotomy, a
procedure that corrects astigmatism by placing tiny incisions in the peripheral cornea using a diamond knife or
femtosecond laser. This ensures that your postoperative visual outcome is not affected by the astigmatic errors of corneal
The power of IOL implant is measure using the IOL master, a sophisticated diagnostic device which improves accuracy of
IOL power calculation.

Options for IOL implants include
  • Indian foldable IOL
  • Imported Monofocal standard foldable IOL
  • Monofocal aberration free lenses
  • Toric foldable IOL
  • Multifocal implants such as Technis multifocal or Alcon Restor  

Cataract surgery packages have been designed to cater to all economic sections of the society.

Remember, it is important not to compromise on your cataract surgery. After all its your eye, and good quality vision is
essential for everyone. Please discuss with your doctor the kind of intraocular lens being implanted inside the eye. Every
IOL comes packed in a box with all details, you can request you doctor for the same after the surgery, so that you can gain
more information about the IOL.
So if you have symptoms suggestive of cataract, or are diagnosed to have cataract, and desire perfect visual outcome following the surgery, book an
appointment with Dr Rajesh Fogla, and then decide about the surgery.

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