At the Cornea Clinic

The practice of Medicine is based on a good doctor patient relationship. Here at
the Cornea Clinic, Apollo Hospitals, Jublilee Hills, Hyderabad, we believe in exactly
the same. Although our regular timings for the eye clinic is from 9am to 5 pm with
walk in appointments, we have extended the clinic timings especially for patients
with corneal disorders. Prior appointments can be booked for the same, by
sending us an email, or calling up the eye clinic or the call centre for Apollo
Hospital at the following numbers. 1600 354 1066 (toll free), 23548888, 23608333

Emergency services are available round the clock 24 hours all days of the week.
  • Consultation - You can take your time to explain in detail all your
    symptoms. Bring all your old records so that the consultant can review the
    same. After examining your eyes, a detailed explanation is provided
    regarding your corneal problem in simple language with illustrations and
    case examples. This helps to make you understand the problem better and
    results in better compliance with the treatment advised. At any point in
    time if you have any queries, you can ask your consultant regarding the

  • Clinical tests - Once the eye examination is over, certain diagnostic tests
    may be advised to assess corneal structure and or function. A detailed
    report of the same would be provided to you after the tests are over.

  • Procedures - Various corneal procedures are available to restore normal
    corneal structure and function.
  • Refractive surgery to correct glass or contact lens power permanently
  • Corneal transplantation surgery to restore corneal clarity and
  • Ocular surface reconstruction for eyes damaged by chemical or
    thermal injury
  • Dry eye assessment and management
  • Ocular surface neoplasia - biopsy and surgical excision
  • Corneal and adnexal infections - microbiological diagnosis and
Cornea Clinic
Tel 91 40 23607777,  Fax 91 40 23608050 ,24 hours emergency services call 1066
Cornea Clinic - Eye Department - Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 500 033, A P,  INDIA
Cornea Clinic - toll free number 1600 345 1066, other numbers 91 40 23608333 / 23548888 / 23606655