Mr Melvin (Florida, USA)

" This is the first time in 58 years that I do not have to wear glasses. I am profoundly grateful to Dr Fogla
for the wonderful job.........."

Mr Demers underwent customized LASIK in the right eye, & refractive cataract surgery in the left eye.
Mr Joseph (Georgia, USA)

"My eyes were very sensitive during the procedure, but Dr Fogla made me feel very safe. He is a very
competent & comforting ophthalmologist..............
After the procedure I feel much more confident, my normal vision is restored and am very happy with the

Mr Watson underwent wavefront optimized LASIK in both eyes
Ms Julie (Kolkata, India)

Wonderful ! , I have normal eyes now. I am no longer a partially blind lady. The day to day problems
of contact lenses and spectacles are finally over. I can see beautiful world clearly with my own eyes.
Thank you Doctor…..”   

Ms Julie underwent wavefront optimized LASIK in both eyes for myopic error
Mr Ramakrishna (Hyderabad, India)

Feels Great  -  I am very happy. I have been waiting for this procedure since the last 10 years"

Mr Raju had prior radial keratotomy procedure in both eyes. He underwent customized LASIK in both
Dr Ekta  (Eye Surgeon, Hyderabad, India)

“ I am amazed at the quality of unaided vision following the laser procedure. I returned back to my work
at the hospital right from the next day following my treatment. Life is so much better without the hassle of
glasses and contact lenses..."

Dr Ekta, eye surgeon had been wearing contact lenses for past 10 years. She underwent wavefront
guided LASIK in both eyes. She now enjoys unaided vision of 6/5 in both eyes.
Ms Inderpal (Middlesex, United Kingdom)

“ Delighted  - at last I can get rid of my glasses & my lenses. I can now do some sports - swimming
which I had avoided for a long time..."

Ms Inderpal, had earlier undergone LASIK in both eyes in UK. She still had residual power which was
perfectly corrected using  wavefront optimized laser treatment in both eyes.
Ms Shobha (Hyderabad, India)

“ The procedure was quite easy and I felt no pain.......Within a short time after the treatment, I was able
to see things clearly.. It was a good experience and now I am feeling very comfortable without my glasses"

Ms Shobha, underwent wavefront guided LASIK in both eyes, and enjoys 6/5 (20/15) unaided vision in
both eyes.
Mr Venkat (Hyderabad, India)

“ Wearing glasses has been of my friends had undergone this
was very communicative during the procedure hence it was very reassuring.....after half an hour of the
procedure the doctor checked my vision and I was able to read smallest of the letters in the chart....Its
really a surprise for me in my life...I am now able to manage without glasses"

Mr Venkat - software engineer, underwent wavefront guided LASIK in both eyes, and enjoys 6/5 unaided
vision in both eyes.
Ms Anna Kiran   (Hyderabad, India)

" I am feeling confident, relaxed, and self satisfied. I am happy I underwent the LASIK procedure.
Overall the procedure was a good experience."

Ms Kiran underwent wavefront optimized treatment  in both eyes
Ms Dinali (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

“ I am finally free of glasses, It feels so wonderful to see everything crystal clear without glasses……”  

Ms Dinali underwent customized LASIK  in both eyes with perfect visual outcome.
Ms Yu Mei Chang (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

"The feeling after LASIK, well that’s something that words cannot explain. To be able to see without
contact lenses,
WOW, wonderful is the word I will use ................."

Ms Chang underwent wavefront optimized LASIK in both eyes for myopic error
Mr Jeremy & Mrs Dushyanthi  (Colombo, Srilanka)

“Both me & my wife went in for LASIK on the same day…..Perfect vision…In fact I
drove to the hospital the next day after LASIK. It makes a tremendous difference to
your quality of life....."

Mr & Mrs Grebe underwent wavefront optimized LASIK in both eyes for myopic errors
Mr Sumanoj ( Infosys, Hyderabad, India)

“..have been using glasses for past 17 years....was unable to attend to my day to day activities without
the aid of was absolutely painless and a fairly simple procedure..never felt a tinge of pain.....
some irritation during initial hours post treatment..I am now able to attend to all my routine activities
without the aid of spectacles which as been a body part since days immemorial..."

Mr Sumanoj underwent wavefront optimized LASIK for both eyes. He now enjoys 6/5 (20/15) unaided
vision in both eyes.
Mr Arun  (Kukatpaly, Hyderabad, India)

“ I got lasik done 5 years back elsewhere, but still did not have good vision, thank you doctor for
restoring my normal eyesight……..”  

Mr Arun had prior LASIK procedure in both eyes (elsewhere). He underwent customized laser
enhancement in both eyes, and had perfect visual outcome
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Mr Deepak  (student, Hyderabad, India)

“ Treatment was comfortable, without any pain........I feel much happier and absolutely fine with unaided
vision and now feel much more confident... I would like to thank my doctor for making me see the
colourful world without any need for visual aids."

Mr Deepak, underwent customized wavefront guided LASIK  in both eyes
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