Mr Shoaib (Colombo, Srilanka)
" ...wanted to get rid of my glasses, a major hinderence in my pursuit of reaching my potential in
sports... It was a very smooth procedure, some irritation immediately post procedure.... the next
morning it felt qutie amazing to see the world unaided.. I would recommend anyone to get this surgery

Mr Shoaib underwent wavefront optimized LASIK in both eyes for correction of myopia. He now enjoys
6/5 (20/15) unaided vision both eyes..
Mr Rajesh  (Infosys, Software Engineer, Hyderabad, India)

...due to high myopia it became literally impossible for me to see anything without glasses.. hence
decided to get rid of my glasses...Procedure is nice.. there was no point wherein i felt uncomfortable
during the procedure....the same evening, it felt great when I found myself seeing all the things crystal
clear without having to wear glasses...Thank you very much....
Mr Rajesh underwent wavefront optimized LASIK in both eyes, for correction of myopia. He now enjoys
6/5 unaided vision in both eyes.
Mr Arun Prasad  (Hyderabad, India)

" get rid of my glasses and to have lovely experience while driving in the rain...No pain fantastic
experience.....The very feel that I can move around without glasses gives me happiness and
confidence... I wish to thank the team at Apollo Hospitals"

Mr Arun Prasad,  underwent wavefront optimized LASIK with good results. He now enjoys unaided vision
of 6/6 (20/20) in both eyes.
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